AI Enabled IUCLID6 Submissions

Save time and effort in IUCLID submissions with ChemAssist by utilizing the power of artificial intelligence to automate data entry

30 Day Free Trial Credit card not required

AI training data and validation by

Redefining IUCLID6 Submissions for Chemical Regulatory Compliance

By solving the manual data entry challenges for a chemical regulatory expert during IUCLID6 submission

  • Labor Intensive

    Manually entering extensive data into IUCLID6 is time-consuming and labor-intensive consuming 1-2 hours per end point study entry.

  • Expensive

    Companies have to spend CHF 150-250 per hour on data entry process that is mostly copy-paste resulting in paying for low value work.

  • Inconsistent

    Human error, oversight, insufficiency and variations in interpretation may compromise the consistency and integrity of the data.

Resulting in lower compliance rate and vulnerabilities in chemical regulatory data reporting by industry stakeholders

ChemAssist is a Faster, Cheaper and Easier Workflow

  • Faster

    Automating 95% of Data Entry

  • Cheaper

    Saving Expensive Expert Hours

  • Easier

    Simplifying End-to-End Workflow​

30 Day Free Trial

Credit card not required

How It Works

End-to-end workflow in 3 easy steps

  • Create Molecule Dossier in ChemAssist

    Enter molecule information directly in ChemAssist or complete it later in IUCLID6.

  • Upload Endpoint Study Files in ChemAssist

  • Validate and Quality Check Results in IUCLID6

Get Started with ChemAssist

IUCLID Assist utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to save significant time and effort in IUCLID6 data entry for chemical regulatory compliance

  • Standard

    CHF 1'199

    Monthly per user (on annual contract basis)

    30 Day Free TrialCredit card not required


    • 1000 PDF Pages / month

      Sufficient to submit 1-2 chemical substance dossiers per month
    • Download Dossier PDF and i6z File

      Use i6z file for uploading on internal servers or directly to IUCLID6
    • Integrate your IUCLID6 server

      Easy to integrate your own IUCLID6 server without requiring IT experts
    • Regular updates

      Continuously improved quality by work done by artificial intelligence
    • Data Protection

      Data remains secured on enterprise grade cloud platform such as Azure
    • Training & Onboarding

      1 hour onboarding and training on ChemAssist upon purchase

    Addiontal Usage

    • Additional PDF Pages

      Charged at CHF 8.99 per PDF page exceeding the monthly limit
  • Enterprise

    Custom Requirements

    Integrate ChemAssist as per your needs


    • On-Premise Deployment

      Complete control and data security with on-site installation
    • Custom White-Label Integration

      Tailor the platform to your brand and specific needs
    • Unlimited PDF Pages

      For heavy workloads as an organization or a service provider
    • Multiple Training & Onboarding Sessions

      Getting your team up to speed with personalized sessions
    • 24/7 Customer Support

      Get dedicated assistance via phone and email